On the Road

For all those who thought I would have travel updates: my bad! Here's the first of my summaries from this semester. Ironic that the first travel post I'm going to make is about the end of my semester, but it is what it is. Thursday, May 18 represented my last full day in Salamanca. After …

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Romans 7: Law and Grace

A few preface remarks: first, I am vastly under-qualified to be writing this.  Not just in the sense that every man is unqualified to truly convey an understanding of an infinite and wonderful God, but also in the sense that I am no Biblical scholar.  That said, I hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith …

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Auctions, Ducks, and Grass Stains

Storytime!  Disclaimer: if you're only here for study abroad updates, skip this series.  This is just a fun series, no point to it.  Most of the contradictions are intentional: especially the ones that happen on accident.   Normally, we don't really think about how much work goes into a single photo.  Professional photographers might take a hundred …

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