Hi!  I’m Nathan, and you’re a reader!

About the Author

There are three major things you should know about me before we start:

  1. I’m an International Business major at Northwest Missouri State University
  2. I’m a great sinner in awe of a great Savior
  3. My natural walking pace is perfectly in time with 21 Pilot’s “Doubt”

I have a mother, and a father, as so many of us do, and also two siblings: one brother, one sister.  My mother writes a blog about farming, faith, and family, Tannachton Farm.  There you will find all kinds of stories about us and what it’s like to homeschool three children, and you might even learn a thing or two about how to help a stuck cow out of a ditch!

So yes, you read that correctly: I was homeschooled.  Somehow, my parents never really got the message they were supposed to be raising sheltered, unsocial introverts, and instead they successfully raised two and a half (I won’t say who’s the half, but she’s not like the others!) normal American children.  However, even parents’ best efforts go to waste sometimes, and after graduating high school I headed off to university, where I promptly walked away from the faith they had raised me with.

However, God wasn’t done with me yet.  My second semester of university, I became involved with campus ministry here and discovered a passion for Christ unlike any I had known before.  To clarify, I believe three big points, though this is neither an exhaustive nor exclusive list:

  • Jesus Christ is God, was crucified and died to pay the penalty for our sins, and only through belief in Him and His resurrection are we saved.
  • God, the Trinity, is the only God, there are none others.
  • The Holy Scriptures are inerrant, sufficient, clear, authoritative, and necessary.

If you disagree with these points, I encourage you to read on, message me, or just do some personal research.

The stark difference in tone between those two lists should tell you another thing about me: I am a lighthearted guy who takes life with utmost gravity.  If this shift is jarring, you may want to stop reading now, because it doesn’t get any better below!

About the Blog

This blog is designed to give you, the readers, a window into my mind as I travel the world, learn about life, and explore the Christian faith.  I will strive to produce interesting, or at the least, entertaining content as you follow along.  Ranging from stories of my life,  to reviews of theatre productions, to photographs I take, to my poetry (which should certainly be entertaining in its own way).  There will probably even be many posts of my rambling thoughts about whatever book I’m reading, quote I heard, or song I liked.

About the Name

You’re probably wondering, “Why ‘Enter Wonderland’?”  Good question, thanks for asking!  The obvious answer is because this is my personal blog and I can do what I like.

The less obvious answer(s) is that often times the things I say are confounding, confusing, and complex, much like Lewis Carroll’s universe.  Also, this blog documents my walk with God, and often I feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole-lost, disoriented, but trusting that He is leading me to something fantastic.


If you’re still reading this, I congratulate you.  If I hadn’t written it, I probably would have skimmed it and moved on by now.  I’m eclectic, eccentric, and often inexplicable, but if you find me half as entertaining as I find myself, we should have a fun time together along the path God has set before us!   Please feel free to explore the blog and engage in discussion!

That’s all, folks!