I said my original poetry would appear occasionally, and so it has.  I make no promises on its quality.

Sometimes, we get so tired of the steeples

We forget, it’s not about church, it’s about people

That’s where the devil wants us, the Prince of Evil

It’s a crazy trick, no Kenevil

Performing stunts, thinking defensive line

But when I see those needing help, the offense is mine

To charge the gate of Hell with every single rhyme

Since the Bible is clear to tell, we’re on borrowed, or augmented time

What purpose is served

If I read the word

Spit the verse but don’t make Christian a verb

Live a life reverse?

I want my praises heard, but that ain’t how it works

Ain’t about being better than them Christian boys

Like, you good enough get them Christmas toys

If it was, we’re all bankrup…t

Fortunate for us, Christ death was an abrupt


To death’s power over the nationsThat’s why we praise Him

For that grave found vacant

To bring it full circle

We shoulder out workload

Take up the cross to reach the people lost

That’s why we labor

Not to gain His favor

But to praise our savior

And all glory to Him should be from our ministry

That’s why our team gotta be in the streets


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