Enter Wonderland

I know the first post is supposed to be a short introduction, but I’ve never been known for conforming to the norm, so buckle in for a logorheac salutations!




Modern life is saturated with acronyms.  America is obsessed with alphabet soup, from governmental agencies (FBI, IRS, CIA), to movements (D.A.R.E.).  Legislation, too: USA PATRIOT Act is an acronym.  Seriously, look it up.  Even our language has caught on; you can hardly go a day without getting a “lol” or “brb” by text.

With so many acronyms, I thought it would appropriate to introduce myself by my three most important acronyms.  The first, NWMSU, is short for Northwest Missouri State University, the university I attend in, shockingly, northwest Missouri. If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good you already knew I attended here.  You may not, however, know that I study International Business, and as a member of CATapult, am pursuing the completion of both my undergraduate degree and MBA in 4 years.  Fall 2016 marked the beginning of my second year at Northwest.

The second acronym is a little more obscure.  In fact, if you didn’t attend NW, it’s likely you haven’t heard of it.  CCH is the Christian Campus House, a ministry located literally across the street from campus (directly across from the basketball arena *hint, hint*).  I could write for days about the campus house, but in short, the family atmosphere and warm welcome drew me back into the faith I had walked away from my first semester on campus.  God used the leaders and members of CCH in ways that I had never imagined to reach me.

That brings me to the last of the acronyms.  CMFI, the Christian Missionary Fellowship-International, was a sponsor of a retreat CCH attended in January of 2016.  At the time, I had recently realized my enrollment in CATapult meant I would have to study abroad sooner than originally planned.  During their presentation at the retreat, the CMFI representatives introduced us to Globalscope, a campus ministry project on oversea university campuses, including Salamanca, where I had already decided to go.  I said I was interested, but mostly only to be polite.  Little did I know, 4 months later I would begin the process to serve as an intern with En Vivo, the Globalscope ministry at La Universidad de Salamanca.

So, we finally come to the point of the post: I always wanted to start a blog, but never had any direction on what to write about.  Now, I will be sharing some of my adventures and experiences as I travel.  I can’t promise the posts will be well-written, but if you’re willing to come along for the ride, they will likely be entertaining as I bumble my way around the globe.  As a jokester who treats life with utmost gravity, if you find me half as funny as I find myself, there should be many laughs, good times, and extraordinarily serious moments.


For the fantastic low price of “Free”, I will also be proffering other thoughts, such as book and theatre reviews, and the occasional story of my life.  My very own original poetry may even appear from time to time, which should provide plenty of levity for you, my wonderful readers!


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