The First Step Closer

My feet clamor for release almost as loudly as my backside cries for relief from its suppression. Last weekend was supposed to be simple: move out of my apartment, retrieve my sister from the airport, then fly to Atlanta for a predeparture orientation. What fun would it be if everything went to plan? Friday morning, …

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Prayer Part 2: How-to Manuals and Fingerprints

When I was in high school, I picked up a couple of those how-to manuals on writing HTML code. I even borrowed the copy of "HTML for Dummies" from our local library. In the next month, I spent hours on my laptop slaving over a webpage, designing my own website. Finally, it was done. Once …

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Auctions, Ducks, and Grass Stains

Storytime!  Disclaimer: if you're only here for study abroad updates, skip this series.  This is just a fun series, no point to it.  Most of the contradictions are intentional: especially the ones that happen on accident.   Normally, we don't really think about how much work goes into a single photo.  Professional photographers might take a hundred …

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